Turning Interest Into Action


Cleveland Public Power was created to generate power for Cleveland residents.  However, decades ago CPP stopped generating power on their own, instead buying power on the open market.  There has been little oversight of what CPP charges, how all rates and charges are created and what possible rate hikes will come in the future.  What we know is that the leadership of CPP has admitted to “making up” portions of the Energy Adjustment Fee and that there are hundreds of millions of dollars in unbilled costs that could end up with Cleveland residents footing the bill. 


We demand better.  We want Cleveland Public Power to publicly explain their fees and what is included in these unapproved, unregulated, unknown fees to Cleveland residents every month.   Cleveland residents and leaders demand better information, less spending and fewer breaks to downtown businesses on the backs of Cleveland residents. 


There is a class-action lawsuit fighting this same fee and, despite promising to stop charging the Energy Adjustment Fee, CPP reinstated the fee nonetheless because it generates tens of millions of dollars every year with no oversight.

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